Beautiful Ideas

Hello dear girls
After my long vacation to Australia here that I’m back with you. I needed a few days acclimatization because of 30 degrees came to 3 degrees (brrrrrr studenichko here), and I guess you 🙂 but here I am at the computer inspired with many ideas to share with you.
I start this year with a very discussed in Bulgaria holiday – Valentine’s Day.
Yes, I know, is not Bulgarian holiday and there is no reason to celebrate, but frankly I personally secretly I like it. Any excuse to spend romantic moments with my favorite make me happy and I thought that you will not refuse to do something great this weekend to smile your fiance and share something different. That’s right – different :).
Everyone is always talking about romantic candlelight dinner, champagne, strawberries and cream, and why not a romantic Valentine breakfast. February 14 this year on Saturday, so here it is wonderful occasion to prepare a romantic breakfast favorite man.
Above all, many will be helpful to buy a set hearts like these.