Why Do We Get Married?

Have you ever wondered why people get married?

Well wonder no more because it is really simple. Men and women are created to be together. The marriage is a high form of bond that the man and the woman should follow. So you bond infront of GOD and yourself. You promiss to help eachother and love eachother for the rest of your lives. This is beautiful this is divine!

Bond with each other and remember that you will be together forever. You will have to help each other in hard times and pass trough difficulties.

Do not be like ‘the modern’people thinking that the marriage is just a signature! No it is more than that and YES it means more than just a paper and word of promiss. You bond to the person infront of GOD and everybody that attend to the wedding – you show respect for the other person and you show your love and give the promiss that everybody will remember.