New Offers

The aim of the agency team is Diamonds weddings to become more interesting and challenging to tell a long story for your sweet love. That’s why we are offering a new and different concept of organizing the celebration.

Chocolate theme is part of the latest proposal Diamonds agency. You can not be tempted by the delicious decor and do not tremble with delight at the sight of the seductive combination of pink, chocolate and subtle bouquets of fragrant flowers.

Give yourself moments of true happiness by taking a dip in the chocolate world of dreams. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised and happy, so your wedding will be a true celebration of joy.

Sunny and fresh proposal is interesting combination of brown and yellow. Add mood with citrus, lemon – yellow flowers, lots of glass and accessories. This will be an unforgettable prezhvyavane for you and your close friends that you decided to share your wedding proposal.

Natural beauty, luxury and entertainment can be emphasized by using non-standard brown and coral shades. Select bright coral flowers turn brown elements and your wedding will become an exotic adventure.


Thanks to the agency team Diamonds, everyone can enjoy a candy prilkyuchenie studded with flowers, large doses of love and sweets in bright pastel colors.

Flower vases in various sizes, arranged with flowers in the most appropriate manner, will stand individuality and beauty of flowers. Seen from afar, the colors blend in harmony resembling a fairytale dream. This picture will be complemented with stunning candy in different shades for a sweet gift for your guests, candied colorful cocktails to refresh, and many more surprises that will turn your wedding into an unforgettable moment.


With appropriate colors, materials, clothing and scenario, the agency team Diamonds, will make all your dreams and daring limitless desires.

Expect new proposals for a different and unforgettable wedding …