Wedding Tendencies

Want to learn the latest trends for your wedding day? For we have prepared a list of modern colors, themes for decoration, bridal dresses and many more details.

If you are planning your wedding in 2012, then you should know that this year everything should bademnogo romantic. From the dress to the flowers for decoration, think sentimental, love, dreams.

Wedding Dresses: What more romantic than the Victorian style. Beautiful sleeves, necklines, lace, jewelry, create elegance for every bride.

Current Colors: Ashes of roses, champagne, light green, olive green, sunny yellow, purple, black and white. All sandy shades.

Relevant Topics: Most related topics as wedding invitations, the flowers, the season and the selected colors. Popular topics Provence, Rustic, Story, Natural and others. But every wedding is unique. Choose a theme that suits and reflects your personality, show it in detail.

Decoration: Hit decoration for 2012. It is Victorian dekor.Sachetanie of romance, light, lace, mixing different furniture models. This means mixing of old and new! Great idea, both for outdoor and indoor weddings, they give a feeling of airiness and texture to decorate an event. But these trends are not just for the Victorian style, bohemian style also is back, but with a modern flair.

Flower arrangements, bouquets of fresh flowers, perfectly combined with various papers, fabrics, feathers and custom parts.

Desserts: Gone are the days when the wedding is only one piece of wedding cake and for every guest. Today, the couples prefer to have a beautiful buffet, which has various desserts such as cookies, muffins, cakes, Tartalettes, pies, macaroni French. And all these delicious thingy allows guests to choose their favorite flavor. This interesting and beautiful buffet is not just a choice of dessert, but it is part of the decoration. In this place many guests will have fun!